toddler room wall pictures

From baby to toddler room

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toddler room wall pictures toddler room wall pictures


If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know our big news and that we are deep into reorganising from baby to toddler room for Noel. It gives me so much anxiety and stress, but at the same time so much happiness. It’s easier now when I already know what he likes and doesn’t like (you can bet on that). Since he’s obsessed with animals, we’re transforming it to animal kingdom. Wall decoration and little details are what I’m counting on to give the room that special vibe. Because I was more than satisfied with our last collaboration, I immediately turned to Poster Store.

I love how, firstly, it is so easy to find exactly what I am looking for, so my focus was on kids room ideas. Secondly, I pick a picture I like and they give me few ideas for frames and wall collages. My whole job is done! As I mentioned, I already decorated our living room and dining room with their collage ideas and amazing posters, so I am overly optimistic it will be exactly how I imagined it.

And most importantly, Noel will be mind blown when he sees all these giraffes!

toddler room wall pictures toddler room wall pictures

These collages are the ideas from the site with the pictures I picked for our toddler room. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for more.

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