How to decorate your home with pictures

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How to decorate your home with pictures is something I can proudly say I can talk to you about, since I went to the end of the internet to find the best pictures for the walls of our apartment. Someone would say that pictures are oh not so important, but they can either ruin the vibe in your room and make it Pinterest perfect. My choice for the pictures and frames is Poster Store where I even found the inspiration and went all in. I wanted to choose a picture or two (because that’s how we’re used to do it, right?) but when I’ve seen all these amazing art and how it looks hanged all together, I went crazy. Our apartment is pretty minimal, black and white with gold details so the pictures themes were easy to decide. For Noel’s room I went with animals and white frames to keep those animals in focus, since the kid is crazy about the zoo, and our living room looks like a museum. One wall are simple illustrations with black frames and the other one is pretty out there with three big gold frames and nature theme.



All the pictures I used in the post are inspiration from Poster Store site and the art and frames I decorated my home with, find on my Instagram stories.

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