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As I have already mentioned, we moved into our new apartment last year and been decorating it since then. I love interior design and I wanted to finish everything instantly, but some things you just cannot rush. Like accessories. Lamps to be exact.
I can’t remember the day I was not googling some inspiration, searching for the things we liked, but unfortunately I did not click with anything. Until I was lucky enough to collaborate with the online site Lampen Meister, who’s name already gives the best description- the master of lamps! I knew I wanted it to be gold and minimal, since our apartment is pretty black and white, but was affraid of it looking cheap. Now I have found few of them and do not have enough walls. My personal favorite is Octo 4240 section from finish designers Secto. They are made in Finland out of the finish wood and that natural look is what I like the most. They come in four different colors- white, walnut, black and birch and I am having hard time picking, but that is not that big of a deal, right?
I am glad I waited this long to pick out the perfect piece for us, because I think they can be a real centerpiece in the room. Make it or break it.

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