baby boy fashion

Baby boy fashion

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baby boy fashion

 1. Black sneakers | 2. Leaf print shorts  |  3. Cargo shorts  |  4. Sneakers  |  5. Leaf print sweatshirt  |  6. Denim jacket  |  7. Baby robe  |  8.  Cactus printed shorts


A lot of you who follow me on Instagram, write me daily about Noel’s style and baby boy fashion. You compliment his outfits and always want to know where I got the items, so I decided to share my latest order with you.

I always get him 100% cotton and most of the time it’s organic even and as you already noticed, I don’t dress him as your usual boy style. He actually has only one or two things in blue and everything else is either black, white or shades of nudes. As summer is approaching I’m picking up more prints and absolutely love to mix-match them.

Everything is from Esprit, so click on the numbers for direct links to the goodies. I hope you like them.

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