7 Reasons To Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

7 Reasons To Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery

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While some people may think that sterling silver is too expensive, or not good enough, neither is true. Sterling silver can be used for almost every kind of jewellery and it can be created to look trendy or timeless. Whether you want daily accessories or a beautiful statement piece, here are reasons to start buying sterling silver jewellery.

Sterling Silver is Durable

When you look after your sterling silver properly, it can last a lifetime. In fact, you can keep it looking as good as new for years to come. While some 925 silver may not be cheap, the extra cost is certainly worth the quality and value. Some well-made pieces could even last long enough to become family heirlooms.

Sterling Silver Can Be Trendy

Fashionistas know just how quickly jewellery trends can come and go, and while keeping up can be rather tiring, sterling silver is one metal that is guaranteed to remain a popular steadfast.

So Many Options

Since silver is a fairly soft metal, it is easy for jewellers to mould and to experiment with, that means there are always new designs on the market and plenty to choose from. The wide variety in designs and styles means that you can find as many pieces as you like to fit your taste or match your wardrobe.

It’s Easy to Build Up a Jewellery Collection

The sheer variety and popularity of sterling silver jewellery means it is not easier than ever before to upgrade or begin your jewellery collection. Whether you want to build a look around one of your statement pieces or simply have something to go with every outfit, sterling silver complements most other metals, so you don’t have to stress about clashing. Also, if you want high-end pieces, sterling silver may surprise you. Designers often use silver to cast the most unique designs.



Sterling Silver is Versatile

No matter what the occasion, sterling silver jewellery will work. Whether it’s a casual dinner ensemble or a school meeting, sterling silver can complement your outfit. You may even be able to wear the same pieces for any occasion since silver always adds a classy touch.

The versatility of silver also extends to how it looks with your other metals. Perhaps you want to add a piece or two to a collection of platinum or white gold – you won’t need to worry as it all matches. You could even create an elegant look by combining your sterling silver with an item in platinum or white gold.


If you’re looking to purchase sterling silver bracelets for women, look no further than silver. Unlike pieces that are made with base metals or brass that can irritate the skin, sterling silver is hypoallergenic which means that women can wear the metal without fear of rashes, itches, and other reactions.

Easy to Look After

Many women avoid silver for fear of it tarnishing, but here’s the good news: wearing your items of jewellery regularly can prevent tarnish. The skin’s oils actually clean the metal, meaning you don’t have to worry about it looking dirty and worn out. Even if your jewellery does start to look dull, you can clean it with a simple home or over the counter solution.

Purchase sterling silver jewellery from your trusted jeweller today!

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