london fashion week street style

London fashion week street style – Shop the look

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london fashion week street style

1. Long sleeve blouse  |  2. Ruffle blouse  |  3. Poplin blouse  |  4. Bow sleeve blouse  |  5. Off the shoulder blouse  |  6. Wrap blouse  |

It’s seems like yesterday we browsed through the photos of Fashion Week Street Style last September, and we’re already in a new one. London Fashion Week Street Style is the one I’m sharing with you today and I have to admit, it’s not my favorite one. Everything’s a little bit too much and over the top, so I’ve chosen only few look with classic pieces which will fit everyone’s style.

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Cini mi se kao da smo juce gledali slike sa septembarskog Fashion Weeka, a vec nam je stigao novi. London Fashion Week Street Style je moj izbor danas, iako moram priznati da mi nije omiljeni. Sve izgleda sa previse truda i nikakvog smisla. Zato sam izabrala samo par kombinacija sa klasicnim komadima koji ce pristajati svakom stilu.

Kliknite ne ime produkta i bicete direktno na shopping stranici. Uzivajte!

london fashion week street style

1. Puffer jacket  |  2. Metallic puffer jacket  |  3. Puff jacket with a belt  |  4. Satin puff jacket  |  5. Pink puff jacket  |  6. Padded boxy jacket  |

london fashion week street style

1. Blue coat  |  2. Fishnet tights  |  3. Oversized fishnet tights  |  4. Pointed shoes  |  5. Pointed flats  |  6. Pointed slingback shoes  |

london fashion week street style

1. Pink bomber jacket  |  2. Pink bomber jacket  |  3. Pink zipper up bomber jacket  |  4. Quilted bomber jacket  |  5. Bomber jacket with badges  |

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  1. Denese

    Great style. I didn’t know your website. I was looking for streetwear and few tips. Until now I found only a few websites like that propose many good stuff but I will check out your propositions right now.
    Sorry for my english (I am french)
    Keep going your thing.

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