how to accessorize

How to accessorize an outfit

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how to accessorize


How to accessorize an outfit and not look like a Christmas tree is every girl’s dilemma. We’ve all been in those “This and this and this…OK I have to wear this, and this…” situations and then you turn to the mirror and see that not only you look ridiculous, but you completely ruined your outfit.

Today I gathered the best accessories to make every outfit shine, so let’s go step by step. And don’t forget Coco Chanel’s golden rule “Before you leave your house, turn around to the mirror and remove one accessory.”


Girls either really love them or never wear them. It was long time ago when ladies in their decent outfits had to have a pretty little hat on their pretty little heads, but now we have so many options that it’s completely understanding we’re overwhelmed. Start with beanies to protect from cold, and then slowly move to berets as this season’s most wanted and cool 80’s hats.



There’s no better way to instantly lighten up your face than a piece of bling-bling earrings. Everything is on trend, everything is wearable, and everything will catch you compliments. Girls without pierced ears don’t worry, there’s a ton of clip on earring now, too!



OK, I admit. This one is not for everybody, but did you try it? The trick is only to find the one that will not make you feel like you’ll choke and like you’re wearing your dog’s collar. Start with the thinest straps which you tie in a cutest bow and I bet in a few weeks you’ll be building up your own little collection.



I often hear girls who think they don’t have a waist saying they’re not able to wear a belt because of that. Couldn’t be more far away from the truth! The belt will visually give you that wanted waist and if you’re one of those lucky ladies with an hourglass bodyshape, the belt will accentuate it even more.



This is my favorite way to spice up my daily outfits lately. I’m not a fan of colorful tights I admit, except the fishnet ones, but socks! Colorful, shimmery, with print, … they look so amazing peeking under the jeans.



Have an old jacket you don’t want to get rid of, but still don’t wear? Try to pin it with brooches and pins and you’ll not believe how cool it will look! I can’t decide if I like it more with the denim or bomber jacket!



Why I included sandals and not pumps or boots is firstly because a lot of them are on sale and winter is the time to splurge on a pair of sandals you’ve been eying past couple of months. And secondly, have you tried shimmer socks and sandals? This is the hottest trend of the season! I would wear it with black pants for a Christmas party or with jeans for a casual drinks with girls. You’ll look the coolest of them all, trust me on that!



OK, this one is no brainer – a bag can make even the most boring outfit cool or ruin it to the fullest! I tend to wear a smaller one lately, because that way I carry what I really need and use. We all know that 80% of things we carry around in our big bags is literally garbage!


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