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With the temperatures dropping and our bodies craving for more coziness and comfort (and that summer’s happy mood going down the hill), we are spending a lot of free time browsing through the internet for some new pieces to make ourselves happier. Or is this just me?

Anyways, lately I’m more into bodies as my favourite type of lingerie, but not just any bodies, but those which are with just the right amount of sex appeal, but they still need to A. hug me in the right places (you feel me, ladies?)  and B. not give me any discomfort. The last thing is even more harder for me to achieve, since I have a feeling, all the bodies are made for ladies with the certain height. I’m above the average as you know, so when I say they’re not comfortable, trust me – they’re sometimes even hurtful.

Noticing I’m writing a doctoral degree essay on bodies? Yes, that’s how much I’m loving all the choices I found, so I am unselfishly going to share them all with you.

You can find them on Bonprix, H&M, Topshop and Asos.

Go. Shop them and tell your friend. And say your boyfriend I said “You’re welcome”.

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